Let Time Recorder help you ...

... track your working time in an elegant and professional way.
An ideal tool for freelancers and everybody who needs to bill their hours.
Let Time Recorder make your worklife more fun and enjoyable.


What can this app do?

For whom did we develop this app?

This app is perfect for freelancers, the self-employed and anyone who needs to bill their hours. If you work on several projects for different clients every day, it will make it easy for you to record your working time. But, of course, the uses for this app are limitless. Use your imagination!

What if I forgot to start/stop the timer?

No problem. You can edit each parameter of your project at any time and add an entry when you forgot to start the timer. See here how easy this is.

Can I export my projects?

Yes you can. See here how it works.

In what format will Time Recorder export my projects?

For now, your projects will be exported as .csv files, which you can import in Excel or Numbers for further editing.

Why does "sep=" appear on top of the csv file?

Since Apple and Microsoft have different views of how columns in a table view should be separated, we had to add this "sep=" to allow you the import either in Numbers or Excel.

Can I run more than one project at a time?

Of course you can do that although we can't imagine a case in which this should be necessary.

How can I see if a project is running, when Time Recorder is closed?

The badge on the app icon is displayed when one or more projects are running.

How many projects can I create?

There are no limitations in this regard.

Can I have different hourly rates for the same project?

No. If you have different rates regarding one project, you must create two projects. As simple as that.



Our goal is to constantly improve "Time Recorder" and we are keen to hear what our users think.
Feel free to suggest new features or send us your comment - or even a complaint.


If you require help with our app, please read the FAQ, write on our Facebook-Page or send us an email.


Christian Sager

Developing and Design.

Robert Salzer

Developing and programming.

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